Odor removal

Eliminate unpleasant odors from your carpet and upholstery

Have you detected a strong or recurring odor in your home?

Combating unpleasant or strange smells, such as smoke or pets, can be one of the most difficult challenges.

Our highly effective deodorizers work quickly to eliminate any smells form your carpet, furniture, or area rugs by releasing an enzyme that absorbs odors at their source.

Our process

At Accurate Environment, we follow a specific process to ensure that your carpet is fresh and clean instantly


We pretreat the problem area and clean the entire surface with our highly effective hot water extraction vacuums.


Once the carpeting, area rug, upholstery or mattress is clean, our deodorizing technician applies a pleasant smelling deodorizer that digests the organic odor at its source.


Your odor problem is solved. Your carpet is left smelling fresh like it was just installed.

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